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SiteAnalytix - A Web analytics App

Saxon Global"s SiteAnalytix enables publishers to move to strategic web. It is built on high-speed distributed computing platform. It has Seamless Scalability, Customization and Support and provides self-service deployment option with a Real-time reporting delivered with less than a minute lag. SiteAnalytix is Compatible with any existing or planned decision support system and handles both log based and Java-script-based enumeration. It has capabilities to embed custom predictive analytics and provide Site, Video, Mobile and Campaign Analytics.

SiteAnalytix Solutions:

  • Media Planning - with insights and real-time recommendations
  • Multichannel Analytics - to integrate Off-line and Online data
  • Open Architecture - can be integrated with CRM, ERP etc.
  • Dynamic A/B Testing module - to recommend content and products
  • Goal Setting & Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Segmentation - to enhance targeting
  • Marketing integration - with SEO and PPC

Suite Capabilities

Project sightings

  • Internet & Communications - SiteAnalytix helped one of the leading internet and Communications providers to increase the advertising revenue substantially with an effectively enhanced audience engagement competency.
  • Healthcare - SiteAnalytix helped one of the top healthcare organization to understand & enhance their web presence and their competition with respect to on-line marketing activities.
  • Travel & Tourism - SiteAnalytix solutions facilitated one of the international travel & Tourism company customize their travel packages to targeted customers, and attract more visitors within launch of portal.
  • Education - SiteAnalytix solutions helped build effective SEO strategy and optimize website for the increased audience reach.