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Saxon Hadoop Analytics Reporting Kickstarter (SHARK)

Saxon brings the power of Hadoop based reporting analytics on Microsoft platform to small and medium enterprises to exploit the benefits of the Big Data technology. SHARK is a framework engineered by Saxon to provide enterprises which have built their data warehouse and BI strategy largely around Microsoft. With help of SHARK you can take the next leap to handle your data growth, new data sources, real-time data processing and reporting needs.

What does SHARK have to offer?

Big Data Consulting: At Saxon, we help you bridge the knowledge gap and gain insight into the most effective Big Data strategies by providing you with the best business-level strategy consultation services.

Solutions Architected by Hadoop Certified Professionals: Our Hadoop-certified professionals, smartly create the experience of simplicity and manageability of Windows on Hadoop. They effectively architect and implement a Hadoop cluster on Windows Azure in the shortest lead time possible, thereby, kick starting your analytics on Cloud.

Analytics piece: While a business analytics platform accelerates the realization of value from big data, we support you with a full array of analytics, and the broadest spectrum of big data sources with Pentaho adaptive big data layer and Revolution Analytics.

Services: We use the common place Business Intelligence tools like Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Microsoft PowerPivot and Microsoft Power BI through the Hive Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver to analyze unstructured data in Hadoop in the most effective manner. Along with this we have full service capability on other BI tools ranging from Tableau, Qlikview & Microstrategy to provide the necessary hooks and take advantage of these platforms.

Why bring in SHARK?

Ability to Dive Deep – Saxon Consultants are known to have the knack of getting to the root of business/technology challenges and bring in the right solution set needed.

Adaptation and Dynamic Nature – The solutions designed are dynamic in nature (to bring in the best practices of successful implementations and practices) and can be adopted to meet the client ecosystem.

Solution Life Span – Our approach to business/technology problem is to be an enduring and effective one. Our collaboration with Microsoft helps us to visualize the business/technology landscape of the future and thereby develop solutions which can effectively meet these needs. This ensures that the ROI and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) remain consistent and well within the industry benchmark levels.