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Saxon Azure Migration Services (SAMS)

Tag line - Be a part of premium club which is enjoying no ordinary services

If you check any of the below then speak to us!

  • Are trying to push infrastructure into Cloud to embrace auto scale and pay as you use functionality
  • Looking to bring low cost on demand Infrastructure with IaaS
  • Transforming workloads to Cloud Platform
  • Considering to move your legacy ASP.NET line of Business applications to Azure

The Windows Azure platform is Microsoft's cloud service for providing on demand computing and storage resources. It is ideal for hosting collaboration systems, running big data applications, and migrating applications out of your over taxed data centers.

To help you move to the cloud, Saxon has developed the SAMS Centre of Excellence. Here we help you design, build and run software for enterprise deployment. To accelerate time-to-value, we provide architects for strategy; pre-built methodologies for development; and an open environment for exploring Azure operations. Transforming your business

Whilst changing or upgrading your IT will improve your performance, enhance your ability and increase your availability, it can wreck your business ship if you get it wrong.

We make migrating to the cloud a smooth takeoff. We simply can take almost your entire IT infrastructure except but your physical PC and printer set-up in the cloud. Of course every other cloud computing migration company should be able to handle that – where Saxon stands apart is on our approach. The unseen hurdle, in any cloud migration project is to spend quality time with you and your stakeholders. It is the only that you can accurately scope the cloud migration and prepare a blue print with a phased wise approach, one that sits comfortably with you, your business and its people. Moving your infrastructure is just beginning of the relationship – at Saxon we can provide staff transition training to speed up the adoption period, provide post-migration care and share monthly IT support and infrastructure utilisation reports so you’re always on the top – and that allows you to ensure that there’s no overspill and you’re deriving best on your investment.

SAMS Club Privileges:

Our Windows Azure CoE has a portfolio of services and tools for clients. We rely strongly on our Microsoft Partnership to deliver the suite that helps IT organizations and software vendors seamlessly migrate any part of their computing or storage operations to the Azure cloud. Individual components assist with issues faced by many companies, including migration, database consolidation, mobility enablement and more.

Database Consolidation

Safely extend your data outside your company firewall, auto scale your legacy data storage capacity, and synchronizes your on premise and cloud storage.

SaaS Enablement

You can adopt to new economy business model by moving your licensed software to a service model, creating new revenue sources with Web-based subscriptions.

Extended Storage

Reduce your backup and archiving costs, creates elastic storage capacity for digital media, and opens applications and information to mobile and remote workers.

Mobility Enablement

Transform yourself to be a Mobile First Company thereby connecting to your stakeholders from any device at any location.

Business Insights

Transforms data from disparate sources into meaningful insights securely, quickly and with minimal upfront investments, leveraging the SHARK business intelligence framework.

Why Choose SAMS?

Our approach to your cloud migration strategy is

  • Ensure and enhances your alignment to the business strategy
  • Manage and mitigate risk on behalf of you
  • Manage user expectations and help you champion the cloud acceptance across the organization
  • Maintain Business Connect with a dedicated help desk team round the clock which can support on any mission critical application at any time of the hour.