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Managed Staffing Program

Our approach to implementation and operations is designed to provide the best possible MSP service and value to our clients. While our competitors use MSP as an inroad to obtain more staffing business or to sell their software, Saxon remains focused on establishing as a strategic partner by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our client’s temporary staffing process and vendor management. That focus has led us to design and operate by a rigorous process that ensures the right solution is implemented and managed and the technology delivered with the solution is effectively deployed and managed – and has led us to delivering many highly successful programs.

We work closely with each client to understand their culture, temporary worker procurement environment, current process, and desired process BEFORE recommending and agreeing on the right solution for the client.


All our recruiters and Account Managers are trained in VMS.
Outstanding VMS Expertise : Team has extensively used VMS and ATS tools such as Jobdiva, Beeline, Fieldglass and Taleo
High Proficiency : Our extensive VMS experience includes reporting, rejecting candidates, candidate submittal process, interview stages, accepting work orders, onboarding and invoicing.
Agile and Connected : The team is agile to changing ecosystem such as VMS to make it a seamless connect with your systems & process.
Real-time KPI : We stay on top to track our key business indicators to provide insights regarding daily productivity and helping account managers to make the right decisions.