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Edhita is a Saxon Global platform that bridges the Gap between Big Data Technologies and internal/external Business Data Sources to enable Business Intelligence.

Value Proposition

  • Quick implementation cycle, Customers start seeing results of investment in Big Data within weeks.
  • Investment and effort gets allocated to build business semantics and analytics solution and not in Big Data infrastructure implementation.
  • Departments can prototype new concepts/metrics quickly and efficiently before commissioning it into their business processes.

Edhita: Architecture

Edhita: Architecture

Configure Inputs:

  • Internal / External sources
  • Relational Data from OLTP Applications
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Web crawlers
  • Application Logs / Network Logs
  • More than a dozen connectors available.

Define Business Entities

  • Merge data from multiple sources and create business entities
  • Choose data duplicate elements and make sense of reliable sources

Create Metrics

  • Define and track key metrics on business entities
  • Create Aggregations, Segmentation, Business Thresholds

Reporting and Feedback to business processes

  • Use API's to create reporting dashboards
  • Plugin API's into systems and applications for process improvement and automation

Vision for Edhita

Edhita helps build Apps to get data, build knowledge base and derive insights. This also helps build custom business entities inside applications and reuse entity definitions across Apps.

Edhita supports creating different Big Data application.