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Business Intelligence

Saxon Global's Business Intelligence (BI) Maturity Model effectively draws the best practices proposed hitherto in the industry by the researchers & practitioners of BI. The framework is simple and pertinent to organizations for orchestrating a workable BI roadmap to meet the business objectives. The framework outlined here is not “one size fits everyone" model and is applicable to businesses from growth stage to matured stage.

Overview of Saxon Global’s Business Intelligence offerings:

Saxon Global functions as an independent consultant providing unprejudiced third party assessment of the current BI stage. Saxon Global helps design, develop, implement and integrate a secure and scalable BI solution that addresses our client’s specific, strategic and tactical needs.

Our capability to identify low performing tools & technologies & the high performing ones is what earns distinction among our customers and drive our engagements.

Saxon Global's successful BI implementation and adoption encompasses and engages People, Process & Technology. Our BI assessment will fall appropriately in these three categories.

People - learning curve for the people in the organization to adopt BI, readiness to use and take actions springing out of the reports, organization's ability to enable them to absorb the BI in their functional areas, personal and collective ownership for data collation and dissemination.

Process - organizational readiness in defining the process for adoption and usage of BI.

Technology - data maturity level of the organization, infrastructure preparedness for roll-out or enhancement to newer tools & techniques, total cost of ownership (TCO) for the BI.

BI Capability Spectrum

Business Intelligence Centre Of Excellence (COE)

Saxon Global has established Centre of Excellence for their BI practice and provide the following services to our clients

BI Consulting

  • BI Strategy assessment
  • BI Strategy Roadmap Planning
  • Technology/BI Tools Evaluation and Selection
  • Defining BI/DW architecture
  • Workshops/Training

BI/DW End to End

  • BI Solution Design
  • Meta Data Management
  • Design of Dimensional/Data Model
  • Data Mart Rollouts
  • ETL
  • Data Cleansing/QA
  • Data warehouse Migration
  • Support

Information Delivery

  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Management Scorecards
  • BI Portals
  • Analytical Reporting
  • BI Reporting directly on sources
  • BI Dashboards

Support and Maintenance

  • 24/7 Support from Dedicated Offshore Centers
  • Version Upgrades for the BI tools/software’s
  • Report Migration & Upgrades
  • Incident Report & Management
  • Performance Tuning
  • Operational Support

Why our clients select Saxon Global for Business Intelligence implementation?

We are experts when it comes to doing anything with Data. Our Business Intelligence strategy services help organizations:

  • With our end to end services - Discovery / Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Management, Measurement.
  • With our depth in Technology Expertise.
  • Benefit from our multiple partnerships.
  • With our implementation experience across verticals.

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