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Acquiro - A Lead Generation App for Sales Intelligence

Business leave their digital footprint on various and varies digital properties. Saxon Global's Acquiro has dozens of connectors to pull data from most of the popular web channels. The large amounts of data pulled are intelligently mapped using patterns and links using BigData techniques. The resulting information is presented as business profiles.

Acquiro Capabilities - Real Leads for Real Deals

Acquiro - Sales Intelligence

Valuable intelligence is hidden in your CRM. Acquiro can help you analyse the life cycle of the leads in your sales process. Insights from this analysis will be used by our recommendation algorithm to suggest leads that the sales reps can work on. Build on your website visitors - our web analytics script helps you track and understand your visitors. Acquiro will recognise the website visitor, mine data about the company from the internet and make it available on your CRM.

Acquiro - SalesForce - Productivity

  • Acquiro can directly push leads into SalesForce for workflow integration. API's can be used to show a plethora of web/social information about companies directly in your CRM instance. This will enhance the productivity of your sales reps immensely.
  • Recommendation App: Acquiro SalesForce app works directly on your Salesforce instance to generate recommendations based on historical sales data.

Acquiro - Lead Grouping:

  • Prospecting made easy. Group leads based on predefined criteria and assign groups to sales reps.
  • Drilldown lead parameters to sharpen the target segment.

Acquiro is functional across all the verticals